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Website backup script

The attached zip contains a very simple script that uses WinSCP , FI and 7-Zip to backup a website via FTP to the local machine.  It first downloads the entire site to the directory it was run from, 7-Zips it to the output directory, deletes the temporary copy and then checks the output directory for backups older than 30 days and deletes them.

To configure it for your own use you will need to edit the winscpscript.txt and change the following lines to your FTP details and the directory you want to back up if public_html isn't where your website is stored.

open ftp://username:password@ftp.sitename.com
get public_html/* website-backup\*'                 

The default output is C:\WebsiteBackup but if you need to change it you can edit the websitebackup.bat and change 'c:\WebsiteBackup' in the following lines:

7za a c:\WebsiteBackup\backup-%dtt%.7z website-backup
For /f "Tokens=*" %%f in ('fi /A-d /b /gw">"30 C:\WebsiteBackup\*.*') do del /q               

Latest Global Address Book (OAB) not showing correctly in Outlook

After updates to the Exchange contacts, client reported not being able to see the updated version.  All contacts are shown correctly when accessing webmail but not from within Outlook.

Outlook 2003 was in this instance configured to use the Exchange mailbox in cached mode, the OAB had not replicated to the local machine after 24 hours, so I followed the instructions in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase Article: Administering the offline address book in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

To Force Outlook to update it's OAB (Global Address List)

  • On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, and then click Download Address Book.
  • Exit Outlook and then restart it. After Outlook starts, the offline address book download will start one to five minutes later.

Set Office 2007 to save automatically to the older 2000/XP/2003 format

The attached zip sets Word, Excel and Powerpoint to save in the previous Office format by default by modifying the registry.

The Free IT Support Engineers Toolkit

(If you are looking for first-class IT support in London, please feel free to contact us)

We carry around a lot of software on our USB keys these days in order to assist in doing our job. Here is the main selection of the software we keep on it.

Installations for New PC's

Standard to all

MSN and Hotmail no longer working with AOL

Sometime in the last two weeks my father had overnight been unable to access MSN, Hotmail and Windows Updates. The problem also extended to him not being able to connect to me using the NTR remote connection software that we use, however he did still have VNC installed.

Once he connected to me via reverse VNC and I'd confirmed that he had made no changes to system, been hijjacked or infected. We left it overnight to see if it was a transient problem.

It wasn't.  He is with AOL broadband and apparently they have have made some changes. 

The MTU settings in the Netgear router they supplied are the source of the problem. 

This is how to fix it:

  1. Locate the control panel for your Netgear router, standard address ** is
  2. Open a web browser and log in to the control panel, standard username and password are admin and password
  3. Scroll down the left hand side and find the menu option called Advanced Setup and then click on WAN Setup
  4. Scroll down that page and find the option MTU and change the value in the box to 1400 (it was set to 1458)
  5. Apply the settings - this also reboots the router - and you're all done.

** if it is not at the standard address you can find it out by determining your default gateway.

On a Windows machine:

  1. Go to Start, then Run (or use the search box in Vista) and type in cmd then press enter.
  2. In the black window that pops up type in ipconfigand press enter.
  3. In the results that follow the Default Gateway is clearly listed, make a note of this and return to the steps above.

On a Apple machine see this article: How to find your router on an Apple Mac

UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) Status

Very useful set of pages where there is an up to date status page for the important UK Internet Service Providers.

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