IT support

runPCrun are your IT department.

IT support for businessIt's that simple. In a larger company you can draw on a pool of IT talent for your work by calling your in-house IT people. In the same way, we are here to address any IT questions, problems and projects you have, so you can get on with running your business.

runPCrun provides a cost-effective, out-sourced IT department for SME's. Central to our approach is to care about our customers and let our attitude and work speak for us and you can see this reflected in our testimonials from existing customers.

How we achieve our aim of providing the best IT support in London?

We provide value for money

Monthly IT support contract providers use such tempting arguments such as:-

  • "We cover your all your IT support needs" - where you find they only cover certain types of problems. Calling up for assistance on how to do something in Excel or getting someone on-site to install some new hardware is met with additional charges.
  • "By charging a fixed monthly fee it is in our interests to fix problems to save us work in the long term" - this is fact saying "once we've fixed your problems we can be paid for doing very little".

And argue against "pay-as-you-go" with:-

  • "It encourages fixing the same problem many times rather than fixing it properly" - runPCrun's detailed monthly billing statements stops this from occurring.
  • "pro-active server maintenance isn't performed" - runPCrun can be authorised to perform a standard weekly check that can give details of any potential problems or any further work that needs to be carried out.
  • "If you use it a lot, it will cost more" - of course, but the question will always be asked "why is the customer contacting us a lot" either there is a problem that needs to be solved, either PC or training issue. Once solved the usage drops again. The added advantage is that people that don't listen to advice and will not invest in themselves or their infrastructure where appropriate then see the true cost of their actions, while not being subsidised by those that do.

The plain fact is, IT service is not like providing water. Good quality engineer time costs money, which is typically why IT support companies will do everything possible to cover only very specific cases in their contract and force people to jump through phone system hoops to talk to one. This paying of "rates" for "unlimited" support instead of what you are using is in the IT service providers interests to make an easy income stream, not the customers. 

Basically we've found that these subscription plans for quality customer and system care are flawed. First, as every customer is unique, some prefer constant contact, guidance and help on every and anything, another may wish to get the most out of IT systems by using PDA's, mobile phones, VPN's etc.
Others just want 15 minutes a week looking after a simple file and email server and making sure it stays running, while others still only call us occasionally when their in-house technical support hits a wall. And yet all of these customers are to pay a flat-monthly rate based on some guideline such as what equipment they use or how many people are working there? 


If you use us for 10 minutes, you pay for 10 minutes. Simple. 


We provide worldwide remote support access with London based on-site access for UK businesses.

With a phone and an internet connection, we use remote support technologies to provide effective IT support anywhere - eliminating the need to be physically present and so fix a large majority of problems quickly. If that is not enough, since we are based centrally (we are very close to London's Baker Street underground station, with access to 5 tube lines and a multitude of London taxi's) we have the ability to have an engineer on-site in an emergency fast, with customers seeing on-site response times of as little as 20 minutes.


We can solve hardware & software problems and operate various operating systems.

happy familyWe like our engineers are well-versed and experienced. Each engineer has many years experience in various operating systems and software. They love doing what they do and because of this, whatever your needs, you can be assured that runPCrun will help you.

  Windows, Mac and Linux, we love them all!