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How to use PRINTSCREEN to send in errors

This procedure is for efficiently sending RunPCRun error messages, this is particularly useful for errors that either need research, are low-priority or are intermittent in nature.

So you get the error message appear.

Press the PRINTSCREEN (or sometimes PRNTSCRN) key usually situated in the top right-hand part of the keyboard, near SCROLL LOCK and PAUSE/BREAK.

This will place the whole screen into the "clipboard". Now select the Paint program from the Start Menu > Accessories > Paint

This application will pop up like so.

Select "Edit" > "Paste"

The screen will be pasted into the Paint program. Now we simply have to save it.

Select "File" > "Save As..."

Save the picture somewhere suitable, usually the desktop is a good place. Also change the "Save as type" to "PNG (*.PNG)"

All you have to do now is to send that image to ourselves at support@runpcrun.com and we can do the research on the error and get back to you.