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This category covers free or proprietary software.

Lesser known built in Windows XP software

  • Private character editor - eudcedit.exe
  • IExpress Wizard - iexpress.exe
  • Object Packager - packager.exe
  • Network shared folder wizard - shrpubw.exe
  • File signature verification tool - sigverif.exe
  • Driver Verifier Manager - verifier.exe
  • Encryption tool – Cipher.exe
  • Event triggers – Eventtriggers.exe
  • Messaging – Msg.exe

These are more commonly known:-

  • Dr Watson - drwtsn32.exe
  • DirectX diagnosis - dxdiag.exe
  • File signature verification tool - sigverif.exe
  • System File Checker - sfc.exe
  • System Monitor - perfmon.exe
  • Find strings – Findstr.exe
  • System configuration utility - msconfig.exe

32Mb USB PC Repair Kit

A bunch of utilities on a USB flash drive lovingly compiled and brought to our attention by Tim Fehlman at a Daily Cup of Tech. The poor fella got his website hit pretty badly for a while for hosting this so check it out now the buzz has died down. Thanks Tim, I will be looking there for some inspiration for our own IT Support Engineers Toolkit that we use for our daily support tasks as well as small programs for inclusion in our runPCrun Total Support Package.

Open Source Alternatives

This website suggests the best and most professional open-source replacements for well known commercial software. As a lot of people are familiar with the names and functions of a lot of commercial software due to advertising and suchlike, this approach is quite effective.

Educational Freeware

Found a very nice site while setting up a couple of laptops for a customers Christmas present to his children. This site has free educational Windows software and games as well as links to online educational games and resources.

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