How to set up a Blackberry with Exchange (without using Blackberry Enterprise server)

Since this article was written in Jan 2007, it is now possible to do the following:- 

  • On the Blackberry- an application called NotifySync* has been developed which can be installed on the Blackberry and uses ActiveSync for full mailbox synchronisation over the air. We use this for our own customers and recommend it as a solution.
  • On your Server - BlackBerry Professional Software Express which provides the functionality of 'Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange' for small businesses and it comes with 1 free user and can grow up to 30 users.
  • With your mobile/cellphone provider - IMAP and Outlook Web Access (OWA) have been made available via the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) with mobile/cellphone providers. This supports synchronisation of your mail with move/delete (not calendar/contacts/tasks though)

which all provide a superior solution to this setup. However not all situations are equal and there may sometimes be reasons for reproducing the setup below and is kept for historical reasons and for its comments.

Most individuals that use their Blackberry in a small businesses environment would not buy Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange as it is simply too expensive and quite pointless for one or two users. Here is one method to bypass this and use the (UK) mobile phone providers Blackberry infrastructure and run it in conjunction with your Exchange system. (I'll also mention here that runPCrun can provide fully managed Microsoft Exchange hosting*  with the ability to add full "over the air" Blackberry synchronisation - starting at £14 p/mailbox/month, call us if you are interested in this.)

The main main advantages of the following set-up compared to just setting up standard POP3 collection are:-

  • immediate (push) delivery of messages (rather that waiting for the Blackberry service to poll the POP3 provider)
  • No need to open POP3 ports through your firewall
  • Items sent via your Blackberry are kept in your Sent Items in Outlook/Exchange.

This is attained with a little bit of tweaking and performs very well, although (obviously) the calendar,notes and tasks are not synchronised over the Internet as with the full blown server. In a small company this is not an issue and the synchronisation can occur easily using the cradle.

What this method does in a nutshell - when an email is received, it is forwarded immediately to a mobile providers blackberry address. When a new mail or reply is sent from the Blackberry, it is sent masquerading as the Exchange email, and a copy is BCC'ed to the Exchange email address. This email is the sorted into the Sent Items folder using a server side rule.

The steps to attain this are thus:-


Find out the PIN & IMEI

To find your PIN & IMEI perform one of the following actions:
  • In the BlackBerry device options or settings, click Status.
  • Turn the BlackBerry device off and remove the battery. Look for the sticker on the BlackBerry device with the PIN information where the battery is usually located, usually placed above the SIM card.

Setup via the mobile providers web interface

There are two methods. You either set-up on your blackberry directly or using the Blackberry Internet Service web interface. Just ask your provider for the address of the web interface.

Common ones include:-

(You can also try to do a Google search for "blackberry internet service" nameofprovider if your provider is not listed here)

Sign up the Blackberry via the web interface using the PIN and IMEI that you have on your Blackberry. In the web interface set up the following (the following settings have largely been removed from most providers):-

  • Autoaging - 1 day (to keep your mailbox clean, sometimes only 10Mb available)
  • Change the "Sent From Address" to the address you wish to use.
  • Set a filter on the account to "not send" on receiving emails from the email address you will be masquerading as.
  • and of course any other Filters or Signatures that you wish to have and use.
  • If one hasn't been created by your provider, click on the button for creating a blackberry email address
  • For sent items retrieval set Auto BCC: to your own email address.

Exchange Setup

In Outlook

Set a rule in Outlook (because you are using Exchange this will be a constantly working Server side rule) to move any emails received from yourself to be moved into the Sent Items folder. (this of course works on the assumption that you don't send emails to yourself normally, and if you do you will have to set a different rule up, perhaps identifying via Email Headers). I've seen a couple of providers weirdly encode the From: address so a rule may not work. You will see for instance

From: Joe Bloggs <>

If you are having problems with the rules not matching, just check the email headers and set a rule to match the encoded address as well.



Sending and receiving email is transparent to the end-user through the Blackberry and are sent and received as the primary email address in Exchange. Emails sent from the Blackberry are stored in the users Sent Items folder in Exchange and all without having to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Exchange Server and without having to start up and open POP3 on your Exchange server.

The Power User's BlackBerry Guide: 121 CrackBerry Tips, Hacks and Resources

* means there is some referral or partnership with these suppliers via the links given. Check out our stance on reviews and recommendations. 



This looks very helpful. Can I ask whether this procedure has any advantage over setting up my work email address under the T-mobile Blackberry Internet Service, which as I understand it will then deliver any emails sent to my work address to my Blackberry?

That was dealt with in the second paragraph. Two advantages are immediate delivery (rather than 1-2 minutes) and the emails that you send are saved in your work email address.

If you have a small business and need to sync calendar, notes, addresses book and emails using blackberry with a Microsoft exchange service, consider hosted blackberry enterprise and Microsoft Exchange service. It's cheap ($20 per month or less for both services). Look for it in Google. This will streamline your business!

Yes, absolutely this is indeed a good solution, and one we recommend to our clients where appropriate. However there are various reasons that this might not be appropriate. Just to give one example, there is an existing Exchange infrastructure with say 10 users. Only one user needs Blackberry functionality and synchronising contacts and calendar isn't important to them (You'd be amazed how many people do not use the calendar - I for one couldn't live without it). In this example moving everyone over to a hosted Exchange solution just for one Blackberry is obviously not an option. Also as mentioned, the Desktop Application can synchronise whenever the Blackberry is docked on their main machine. There are many others, we find that IT in small businesses are like snowflakes. They look the same from a distance but if you examine them closely they all look quite different! We try not to force solutions or equipment on people without very good reasons.

Is it not the case that the emails will appear on the Blackberry as FWD and from the user themself as a result of the forwarding rule on the server ? So the from column is all the same. Sandy

No, the emails appear to be from the original sender. The server side rule does not change who it is "from". Also, in the users "Sent Items" because it's an Auto BCC, it appears from the user and to the proper recipient. The only byproduct is that the emails appear "unread" (in the "Sent Items"), which our users seem to like - it help differentiate at a glance the emails sent from Outlook and the ones sent from the Blackberry - useful when they come to review.

Dan I appreciate the swift reply. I am still not getting the FW to disappear and the sender is still appearing as the user, on the Blackberry. If I concentrate on the incoming only. Exchange account has one rule (server side applied via OWA) to forward copies of all incoming to Contact ZZ_Blackberry DO NOT DELETE (address is t-mobile webmail address). Email is forwarded but does not appear to be from original sender. I have done nothing about the suggested filter on the t-mobile webmail to "not send" on receiving emails form the email address you will be masquerading as, because that is the email address on the Exchange server that is forwarding the emails. If that filter was set then surely nothing forwarded by Exchange would be sent to the Blackberry ? Got me puzzled. Hope you can explain further because I really want this to work. regards Sandy

Everything under "Exchange Setup" is done on the server in "Active Directory Users and Computers", not in Outlook or OWA, maybe I was not clear about that and I will amend the article accordingly.

* Set up a Contact for the BLACKBERRY address (you'll see that in the "Email accounts" section of the web interface e.g.on o2 it will be will be something like in Active Directory Users and Computers on the Exchange Server
* Set up a forward in Exchange on his normal account to the new "Contact" mail account.
* Hide the new Exchange contact using the AD/Exchange manager afterwards if you wish, some people can get confused by it when it is in the Global Address List.

The emails then appear to be from the original sender, and a rule at your Blackberry provider to not sent emails when from the users email address will not cause a problem.

Dan, Will incoming mail still be in the users inbox on the Exchange server with this set-up? Doug Jones

Quite simply, yes.

Dan, I really like you suggestion and would prefer it over the OWA approach if there was some way to sync deletes, i.e. when email is deleted from either device/pc all instances of the email are deleted. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, -Justin

I've noticed that at least one UK provider has started offering Exchange access via OWA. I've not investigated it yet, so I don't know how effective it is. To sync deletes it's up to your provider, you may be able to set up POP access with delete, I have a vague recollection of that being possible with a UK provider, but they all seem to offer slightly different services/interfaces from what I can see.

I have been trying the OWA approach but it is slower than the approach that you suggested. So, I guess there is a trade off...get email fast or have delete sync. Wish they wouldn't make this so hard; might have to switch to Windows Mobile device. Thanks for the response, -Justin

Hi Dan, I have been trying to set up a Blackberry 8310 using this article. I use a Microsoft Exchange account with a hosted provider. You mention the set up for the forwad via the Active Directory - can I access this - or because I have a hosted package and no server on site - am I stuck and have to use a hosted BE solution. Many thanks Stephen

If you can't access this because you have a hosted solution (maybe this functionality is in your hosted providers control panel?), you can always set it up via POP3 access. Ask your provider what the POP3 settings (it'll be their a server address, coupled with a username and password) are and use those in your Blackberry web interface for setting up email collection (you might have to use "advanced" POP3 setup and provide the servername yourself, a lot of Blackberry providers use some sort of detection to try to ascertain your settings) Anyway, all it'll mean is you have a slight delay when receiving emails (around 5 minutes for a lot of providers for polling POP3), not a big problem and the rest of the article you should be able to follow as is here.

This has been very useful and I've successfully configured Exchange and the Blackberry service. However, is there anyway that I can configure it so that when I'm in the office and I'm plugged into the network (and exchange) and picking up my email normally that my Blackeberry does'nt pick up the email. i.e. if I'm in the office only Outlook will pick up my email, when I'm off the network my Blackberry will kick in??? Any help would be great. Thanks.

I think the short answer is "No". You can find some way of stopping the forward, even access the server and disable it, then re-enable it when you leave. But there's no simple mechanism for the Blackberry to know where you are (or connected to Outlook) and then execute some form of scripted action as appropriate.

Although this is a decent solution, why not save yourself a lot of hassle and add extra functionality by ditching your blackberry and buying a Windows Mobile device (XDA etc). Then you can use active sync to sync directly with your exchange server, including contacts and calendar!

That's a funny comment! That's not the focus of this article and Blackberry's are very popular devices these days for one reason or another. Personally I prefer Windows Mobile Device's too and I've never owned a Blackberry. However I can't just say to a customer "Ditch that Blackberry you're using" especially if they are used to it. We have to do the best for our customers with the materials provided.

Or you can configure the blackberry internet service to connect to your Outlook Web Access account and then you don't need to do anything in Active Directory. You also dont ever have to worry about your e-mail account at the ISP getting full. Starsky

Yes, since I wrote the article this option has appeared on many UK mobile operators that support Blackberry :)

I'm sorry to reply to such an old story; but I'm curious. Isn't Exchange 2003 capable of serving email through IMAP? Wouldn't setting up email through IMAP handle all of this more or less automatically (including push email and handling sent messages)? I'm just starting to look into BlackBerrys for our small organization; and avoiding $500 for BlackBerry Professional would be nice. Thanks

No need to apologise! Yes, since the story was written, UK mobile operators have added IMAP and Outlook Web Access collection to their systems (and made the POP simpler with no "mailbox" and "auto aging") So yes they should work, but I can't confirm this as recently we've stopped using the mobile operators systems with POP/IMAP/OWA and are using Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) services due to the Contacts/Calendar/Tasks synchronisation over the air. However, the one operator we have tried using IMAP/OWA with Exchange 2003 and 2007 recently is Vodafone, and they've been causing problems with POP, IMAP and OWA collection from Exchange as far as we've seen. The problem seems to be that multiple copies of emails are delivered when people access their mailbox. So these people have had to default to the mode of operation set out above, where Vodafone don't interact at all with the mailbox.

Great posts all been very helpful ! this solution will work a treat for us and i think everything else is looking to be a bit picky !!

Hopefully this is not to off topic. Does having the user use OWA stop the email forwarding? In other words would the company email still go to and be stored on a blackberry server? We don't want our email on a third parties server.

hello, cant seem to find the user guide that tells me where to add the settings above and i cant seem to find the settings bit on my blackbery? help plz?

FYI: Blackberry will give you BES for free with one license included if someone in your organization owns a blackberry device. Each additional license is around $100.

I have followed these steps and everything is working perfectly for e-mail (better than pop3 access!) but when the users tries to sync the calendar from the desktop software the calendar entries in outlook get deleted. When we look at the calendar settings in the blackberry it now shows the 02 e-mail address when it should be showing the exchange user. The desktop sync software shows the correct mappings for the outlook profile. How do we get the calendar sync working again?

Hi Dan, What no one ever mentions is the fact that this procedure is useless for emails that originated outside the company network. The rules that prevent relaying mean that any email that did not come from will not be forwarded. Ed Form

Hi Ed, I'm afraid the reason no-one mentions it is because it actually isn't true. I'm not sure what is different about your setup, but if this was the case the customers that I deployed this too would have shot me by now :) There is no "relaying" going on per se, your Exchange server is accepting the emails as normal and then it is forwarding it (essentially as a new email) to another email address held by your Blackberry provider. The Blackberry receives it at this address but when it sends out it rewrites the FROM address as the original address.

Hi, I have a BLACK BERRY BOLD device and i have the black berry internet service connection as well, however i am not able to setup the email account. I do not find any option to setup my mail box. There are only options to setup the email address. Can you guide me pls

I've not seen this Blackberry, so I would talk to your service provider - I'm sure they'd be happy to help.

Hi Dan, Great info - I've just received my 8110 Pearl (actually the 4th Blackberry I've owned), and am just downloading the desktop software as normal... however I always thought that the ability to synch emails (incl delete), appointments and contacts etc over the air was reserved to larger organisations who can afford it. I once worked for a firm that had Orange Windows mobile and we all accessed eachothers calanders for appointments etc... fantastic. Anyway, I wondered if you could provide your services to me, or perhaps look into what I do, what technology I use and perhaps help me optimise my working methods where telecoms and IT are concerned. Kind regards, George 0845 052 7733

Hi Dan, Great article and work around :D I am actually setting this up for the iPhone, not a Blackberry but the principle is still the same. The procedure works perfectly apart from one problem I have. Moving an email into a specific folder is a client-side role, not server-side. So, only way around this is to have outlook open on the client. This isn't a problem with users with a fixed PC, but for remote users on laptops it is not practical. I'm curious how you set it up as a serverside rule really. I am using Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007 by the way. All the best and hope you reply, Ben ben at huff huff co uk

Moving an email into a specific folder is a server-side rule (on Exchange 2003), we know this as we have it set up many people like this (and they definitely don't leave their machine on)
Here is a page on how to do it using the web interface and the Outlook client.

You are aware that iPhones support Exchange natively now?. It has been like this since the 2.0 Firmware update.

I am part of a small business and I need to use my Blackberry where I can update my calander, contacts etc but I connect to my Outlook remotely. Can you advise if this can be done without the purchase of Blackberry Enterprise

When you say you connect to your Outlook remotely, do you mean you have a hosted Exchange environment or that your small business has Exchange and that you connect to that remotely?

If you have your own Exchange server it is now possible to get BlackBerry Professional Software Express which provides the functionality of Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange for small businesses and comes with 1 free user and can grow up to 30 users.

If you have a hosted Exchange environment then you will have to pay to get your Blackberry services from them.

Thank you for your help and advice that is great. We have got the exchange server so it looks like good news! You have answered in a couple of minutes what has taken ages for anyone else to come back on so thank you again!

genius! thanks alot mate, the hassle I had getting this to work with the Blackberry Professional Software! I got it working then had to change the service type with Vodafone, at an EXTRA £28 per month. Shocking! set it up this way for Free! Thanks again

Not sure if this would help with my problem or not. My company wont fork out for a BES license so I'm using the o2 internet service by pointing it at the Outlook Web Access URL for reconciling with my work exchange email. Problem is I have outlook set up to move emails into an array of folders and, although I can see these in the folder list from by BB, they're all empty. As are Sent Items. So I only get the incoming mails that are not moved by the exchange server into folders on arrival. Also mails I've read in Outlook remain marked Unread on the BB. This is all making me consider retreating back to a Windows Mobile smartphone as these always work without a hitch. Any help appreciated...

Hi, its worth noting that you can't just use BES Express off the shelf - your BlackBerry phone plan will first need to be upgraded to Enterprise support and this adds typically £30 a month in the UK. Without Enterprise support your phone isn't registered to send data via the RIM network so BES fails.

Dan, I have a personal Blackberry (o2), when I bought it I set it up to get my personal email and my work email and everything worked fine. After about a month my work email (exchange server) required my to change the password which I did and that’s when the nightmare started. The company have BES with Vodafone including an on-site tech, because I have an o2 personal Blackberry the chap refuses to help. The problem was it failed to validate after the password change, in frustration I deleted the work account and started setting it up all over again because I don't recall having any difficulty when I first set it up. I've been without Blackberry (work) email for about three weeks now. I don't believe the company have any policy which prevents me receiving emails out with the office as I also have access via OWA on my laptop. Any help would be appreciated. tom.ohare [at]

The company have BES with Vodafone including an on-site tech, because I have an o2 personal Blackberry the chap refuses to help.
I wonder what his reasons are for refusing to help.
The problem was it failed to validate after the password change, in frustration I deleted the work account and started setting it up all over again because I don't recall having any difficulty when I first set it up. I've been without Blackberry (work) email for about three weeks now.
I take it that deleting the account and setting it back up haven't helped? Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do if IT are unwilling to help. You can try setting it up via POP3 or Webmail if you have the details.

Thanks Dan, Can't get in using Webweb mail, I can use OWA on a PC but Blackberry can't deal with the https. Since posting I've been back on to O2 Blackberry team, currently awaiting an email from them with question they have for the IT dept. Based on the reply, they will try and set it for me. I'll let you know the outcome. Cheers Tom

Hi there, I have the same issue as the post on sept 1st 2008 whereby I can get emails forwarded to my users blackberry from internal email accounts ( but, anything sent in from an external email account ( is not forwarded to the Blackberry device, but does appear in my outlook mail box. I have checked the user account, the related contact and the vodafone device account (web account) and all look perfectly ok. The fact that the mail gets to my desktop outlook client indicates all is well at the Exchange Server, but it appears that for some reason the rule doesn't want to fire when mail comes from an external email addreses. strange I know, but true. Any ideas welcome

A couple of things occur to me. In my example. Rules are not being used to send emails out, but a forward in Exchange. Not that it should make a difference, but I feel it's more reliable. Also, what happens if you set the address to something else, such as a gmail address? If it doesn't go to that either then the Blackberry side isn't the issue either.

Thanks a lot for this info. I want to try this method to set up some employees with BlackBerry’s. I have one question: If you change the ‘sent from address’ of your BlackBerry email account, doesn’t that give you a problem when a recipient’s mail server does a reverse DNS lookup? John

Hello, I am trying to set up Blackberry with Active Synch on our Exchange Server. Email works, but I am unable to synch calendar or tasks. Do you have any suggestions? The Blackberry phone has a pre-set email account which is the primary account on the phone. Do I need to erase that in order for the exchange email account to be primary and then all the folders to be synchronized? Thank you

John, What sort of problem are you referring to? I don't know of any problem. It'll do a reverse DNS lookup and get the original mailserver. Just because it is sent from a different IP shouldn't be a problem unless you have SPF and the recepient mailserver supports it. (In which case you could add Blackberry's mail servers to your SPF records)

Hi Dan, Thanks for all your useful advice here. I wonder if the solution you give above will also address my question. I currently use several email addresses on my Blackberry including an Microsoft OWA/Exchange one. Is it possible, using your method above, to make the email message ID in the message header avoid saying '' and thus identifying that it was sent from my Blackberry in the OWA/Exchange email? Usually this is not a problem, but there are some occasions, when I'd prefer the recipient did not know I was sending it remotely. With thanks, John

John, If you use your Blackberry as normal, then quite simply, "no". As it is passing through Blackberry's systems, it is going to enter that into the header. The only way to stop it is to not use Blackberry's infrastructure - so the best way is to use your Blackberry's browser. Perhaps access your OWA through your Blackberry's browser? Or use a service like and POP3/IMAP to log on (again, with your browser). Dan

Hi Dan, I have a peculiar problem. My employers are fairly large - but due to the current ongoing recession, they are not in a position to acquire fresh licenses for BB usage. I have explored using the Blackberry Internet services option as well, but what I gather from my IT is that under BIS services, Outlook won’t work as we are not using the POP3 SMTP service and are working on Microsoft Exchange server. Considering that most BB devices are now available unlocked now and that I have an advanced GPRS plan with unlimited data usage - I was wondering if here would be a way by which I can just use A-GPRS services on the BB device and further access work mail through webmail (the way you would typically access work mail on a computer where your outlook isnt installed). Request your urgent advice. Many thanks Viswajit S

i) BIS can use Outlook Web Access (or IMAP if IT allow it. SMTP isn't necessary)
ii) You can use your browser on your Blackberry to access Outlook Web Access
iii) If neither of those work, ask your work IT if they support "Exchange ActiveSync" then use something like NotifySync* on your Blackberry - which uses Activesync

Hi Dan, Good article, this is something I want to try but the step below has me confused: "In Active Directory Users and Computers on the Exchange Server, set up a Contact for the BLACKBERRY address (you'll see that in the "Email accounts" section of the web interface e.g.on o2 it will be will be something like You may want to hide this from the Global Address List after configuring everything." I'm using Exchange 2003, when you say "set up a Contact for the BLACKBERRY address", do you mean create another user account for the Blackberry user with the Blackberry email address? If you could elaborate a bit more that would be greatly appreciated!! Regards, Frank

You need to set up a "mail enabled contact in Exchange". The contact email address to use is one provided by the Blackberry Internet Service provider.

Thank you for this most helpful article. I am trying to set up MS Exchange with a BB Curve and before resorting to your work around I wonder if you can think of a reason why it's not working in the usual way by putting The only reason I can think of is because we don't have a certificate and so when in explorer I get the first warning screen which I must click to proceed. Could that be the problem and if so how do I tell BB that it can trust my domain? Many thanks.

We have a customer with several Blackberries using OWA & BIS with a self-signed security certificate on the Outlook Web Access, so it shouldn't be that. Sorry.

Make sure you use the full domain name for your username e.g. MYDOMAIN\myusername or mydomain.local\myusername as this could be an issue.

Thanks again. I've tried them all and still it doesn't work. Just so that I'm clear: Do I need additional software on the server for BB to work, or should it work simply by inputting the information on the phone or in Blackberry Internet Service that O2 grant me access to? If the former I'll have to install the software, but if the latter I don't know what's wrong as it won't connect.

No additional software, just put the information in the BIS on the web or via the phone. It should "just work" with Outlook Web Access. Of course ,you can always call us and get us to fix it for you if you want to pay for our expertise :)

Is it possible to sync a blackberry with Exchange without a blackberry server involved like normal smartphones?

Use NotifySync* on your Blackberry - which uses Activesync like normal smartphones.

Thanks for this article. Will this work with a second address for an established user? I tried adding a to my user account but when I created a rule to send mail to sent@ to the sent folder it sent all my mail there including my 'normal' account. Is there anything you can do to make different rules for email addresses where a user has multiple addresses? Thanks.

HI Dan I would like to know if your recomendations (How to set up a Blackberry with Exchange (without using Blackberry Enterprise server)) will work with blackberry 8820 unlocked? Thanks.

HI Dan sorry to bother you, but you seem the guy with the answers! i have a client who is currently on blackberry with vodafone. we have recently set him up with new web-hosting and a hosted Exchange email account, however, little did i know that Vodafone say his new hosted exchange email, wont work with his blackberry? is this true...sorry, ive got a little confused with all the treads and think maybe your work-around is only feasible with a full exchange server system? many thanks karl

At Anonymous December 1, 2009 - 7:25pm I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't

Karl, it should work with Blackberry Internet Service or the Blackberry Enterprise Service. I think the person you spoke to at Vodafone didn't know what they were talking about. (Or there's something very strange that I'm not aware of)

Hi dan I like this article and hope to use it to support my charities. I have set it up as your instructions on my tmobile blackberry service and created contact in exchange 2003 to forward the mail but the forward never works. I am unsure what I am doing wrong

Hi Dan, I followed your instruction about setting up BB with Exchange (without using BBES) and it works fine. the only problem is some emails sent to me, the blackberry receives it for 200 times. for example, we have a copier in our office. I scanned an image and sent it to my email account. on my outlook it was received fine. but on my BB it kept receiving 200 times. it is quite frustrating can you please help me with it. I do appreciate your work.

Dan, Using the method you referred to it's expected that the Blackberry device will not show up under "Managed Mobile Devices", correct? I've been trying to help someone that is questioning why his Blackberry won't adhere to the Exchange Activesync Policies nor why the device won't show up under Managed Mobile Devices. I explained to him that Blackberrys don't use Activesync, but he's puzzled in that if he disabled the Activesync policy for the user, the Blackberry can no longer connect. If he enables it, the Blackberry will connect but the policies won't work and the device doesnt show up. I'm certain this is not supported, but I can't find any documentation from Microsoft or Rimm that states so.....Any ideas if this documentation exists?

Can't help the poster on Jan 28th - sounds like a configuration problem that I can't solve from here. Post on Feb 5th - Never came across it, but it sounds to me that the Blackberry in question is not BES, but in BIS mode, and set up to pick up the email via Outlook Web Access. In Exchange he may be disabling OWA when he disables the Activesync policy.

hi there, I am not an IT person, just an end user who needs you to verify something my IT guy is telling me: For 4 years I worked on basic Outlook, with a blackberry. When my Outlook was open on my desktop, emails would not go to my Blackberry. And when I was at home at night, I would get the emails to my handheld, and i coudl delete them, and then they would not be on my desktop in the morning. very simple. I set up the blackberry email myself and it worked great. NOW, I moved to a new company who has an Exchange server, but not Enterprise. I could not set up the blackberry email myself, since our IT guy had to do what you suggested and have the work email forwarded to my blackberry provider email acct. So not, as I sit here at my desk, I get an email to my outlook on my desktop and a copy to my blackberry 1 foot away from me. it is extremely annoying. And when i want to delete junk mail at night, there is no point since it's on my desktop in the morning anyway, even though i have pressed "delete on mailbox and handheld." I would have assumed that an Exchange server (even without Enterprise) was more advanced than my basic personal Outlook at my old job, but this system of using Blackberry is so redundant and pointless. The basic Outlook works so much better with a Blackberry. I dont care about the instant "push" if i cant sych my deletes and if I have to get 2 copies of the same email every time. is there a way to fix this? can i resort to the basic Outlook even though I am now using Exchange? it just seems so odd to me that I have to manually delete everything 2 times. any auggestions, or if my IT guy right when he says "there is nothing I can do, you have to manually delete on both ends." help! and THANK YOU.

If you use the solution in the main document - then yes, deleting is not synchronised. However you do not have to do it this way anymore. This is why there is 3 other solutions mentioned in the green box at the top of the article, which update this article with changes since 2007. The third method is the simplest. Use the "Outlook Web Access" connection method in your Blackberry Internet Service account, rather than POP, and it's quicker, simpler to set up and also keeps things synchronised.